Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

16.11.1648 (Thursday 16 November 1648)

document 70003715

16: My navel was somewhat sore this morning, in thy good time oh lord you will perfectly heal me, and then I shall praise thee: this night I began by candlelight to read the ecclesiastical history, called the Centuries of Magdeb: penned there by divers learned and laborious men: the first book of the 1t Century contains: 372 columns, column due in una quaque pagina: this I intend if god give me strength to read on nights, that thereby I may understand the state and affair of that body whereof Christ is the head, and observe from history, the witness of the several gracious preservations of gods truths, and servants in all ages:. give me lord strength for this work, diligence, and memory, and make it an advantage to my new spiritual estate, and a further fitting me for the work of your house among your people for Jesus sake I entreat thee; I read the preface to the work this night, oh lord I have not parts to serve you in writings as others, make me somewhat useful to thy glory, in converting, and confirming souls;