Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

10.12.1648 (Tuesday 10 December 1648)

document 70003755

December: 10: This week my cold continued but much better I was than formerly, it cleansed my chest very much so that I did not wheeze in the nights as I did formerly for many weeks, yet by the breaking of my water, and the fullness thereof of white crude phlegm, I conceive my body is not yet settled, but full of cold waterish humours: my stomach returned to me again; my wife was very ill with a cold, the good lord in his mercy sanctify his hand to me, and do me good by the same; this illness hindered me in my studies, yet I did something therein daily, the lord gave me strength in some measure for the work of the Sabbath he in mercy accept me, and bless me and mine.