Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.12.1648 (Tuesday 17 December 1648)

document 70003770

December. 17. This week my cold, and illness continued, but much abated through mercy I find I do take a little cold now and then, but through mercy I and mine are preserved, and gods hand on us is very light and gentle, this week Mrs Tiffin a sad woman died, even suddenly, and yet the lord continued me a place in the land of the living, now is Mr Harl: left alone in England of all his fathers family, my stomach was very good, but I find myself full of waterish and aguish humours and keeping myself warm makes me apt to take colds, my navel indifferent well to god be praise, after above 30 hours illness in my stomach I fell into a great looseness which I conceive did me much good, I wrapped myself up warm, and preached twice on the lords day, god giving me strength for it, I could do but little in my studies: Satan is busy in his troubles and temptations to old vanities, and ready I am to neglect my watch, oh how good is god that does not leave me to his rage, nor gives me up to inward troubles of spirit, oh continue thy love unto me that I may praise thee and delight in thee,