Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

7.1.1649 (Sunday 7 January 1649)

document 70003810

Jan: 7: This week the lord good and merciful to me and mine in our health, peace, in providing for us, notwithstanding the great dearness of everything, beef at 3d.ob. per pound; wheat 7s.6d. rye: 6s.4d. cheese 4d. butter 6d.ob per pound, and men expect it will be dearer and dearer, the Lord good to me in my studies, good in keeping me from many temptations that though they put up head, yet they prevail not over me, Lord keep me for my trust is in thee, god was good and merciful to me in the Sabbath, in giving me some measure of strength and affection for the exercise and the duties thereof, he in mercy accept me and bless my people. divers people in imitation, or in abuse sit with their hats on when we are singing psalms, lord heal all our distempers.