Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

13.1.1649 (Saturday 13 January 1649)

document 70003820

13: my navel has continued finely well for 3 weeks only, one day a little reddish I found it somewhat worse this night. when you have done your whole work you oh lord will heal me, in the meantime give me patience to submit to thee, and wait on thee, and withal to gird up the spirit of my mind to eye and walk with thee, so that nothing may dismay me.

my hall chamber was finished by Mr Harrington , the Masons work and stuff one way or other amounted to, about 50s. the timber I found only(,) he paid the Carpenters:

[Hooker and Cotton] This week I finished the reading of Hookers discourse about church government(.) I find it a piece worthy the perusing, I observed the most material heads out of it, and bless god, for the opportunity I had to enjoy it