Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

28.1.1649 (Sunday 28 January 1649)

document 70003865

Jan: 28: This week god was good to us in our health peace, and plenty. the season was cold, all things dear, people pinched with want of food, which we want not to god be praise, my dear wife was very ill some days but now cheerful. god good in preserving us from infectious diseases: his mercy great in giving me a heart in any measure to walk with him, and in keeping me from my iniquity, the lord was merciful to me in the Sabbath in giving me strength to preach, and in the fitness of the word of patience to the times, [Pose] the lord in mercy make us practicers of it; this day I was troubled with a most eager pose, and with sneezing, I think scarce ever more in my life. god in his due time will remove all these. I felt not my navel sore all this latter part of the week. nor the cloud in my head: I followed my Hebrew studies this week, but not so seriously as I intended. I did somewhat also in my reconciler. to the 15th of Genesis: