Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

18.2.1649 (Sunday 18 February 1649)

document 70003905

Feb: 18: This week the Lord was good and merciful to me, and mine, in our health peace and plenty, providing food and raiment convenient for us in this great dearth and want of all things, I gave 4d. per pound for pork, divers sickly and ill, yet we in health through gods mercy, the lord was good to me in preserving me from and in(n) temptations of Satan, who busily assails me, but god keeps me by the hand so that though I slip, yet I am not utterly cast down, my dear wife weakly but yet cheerful, the lord good to me in the Sabbath, giving me strength and liberty for the same, the lord in mercy accept of me and bless me in his work, great threats to ruin the ministry, for my part my heart is at peace and rest, the will of the Lord be done, but they that meddle with the lord shall smart in due time.

I did but little this week in my Heb, and but 3 chapters in my reconciler; being hindered with other occasions:. but the next week through gods mercy I intend to follow my studies very closely:.