Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.3.1649 (Sunday 4 March 1649)

document 70003945

March: 4: This week the Lord good and merciful to me and mine in our health, peace, and plenty. but oh how unthankful have I been to the lord, and unmindful of his many benefits; oh how prone is my heart to backsliding, lord I stick fast and my corruptions are too hard for me, when will you deliver me, lord make me watchful against vain thoughts for from there springs my misery; I did something in my Heb. this week, and in my reconciler I finished the 36 ch: of Genesis: I had experience of god in not giving me to delight in any of my failings, oh let me delight only in yourself, my navel lately was indifferent well I felt no pain in it, you do me good though I rebel, when shall mercy and gentleness overcome me, the lord was good to me in the Sabbath and in the several exercises thereof, in restoring my voice, and giving me strength, the lord accept me and bless all ordinances to the souls of my people, and family.