Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

8.4.1649 (Sunday 8 April 1649)

document 70004015

April: 8: This week the lord was good and merciful to me and mine in our peace health, plenty, we wanted no convenient good outward thing in all the time of want and scarcity, some days of the week were warm, and moist and brave growing weather, others cold, there were great apprehensions of the famine, people feared it, especially at London among the poor, the lord was merciful to us in preserving us from infectious diseases, the smallpox but in one family, and both of them in good hopes of recovery, the woman was fearful she should die of the disease, but our lives are in gods hands, and our surmises cannot hurt us, when he pleases, I was sensible of the vanity of my heart, and of neglect of seeking god; I relish not god in my private duties and prayer as I have sometimes I do not stir up myself to lay hold on god, the lord was good to me in preserving me from my iniquity, oh let no corruption whatsoever have dominion over me this week, I spent some time in my Hebrew studies, I went on in my Reconciler to the 6 of Deuteronomy, and observed something, by way of meditation and resolution out of the scripture, all this week my navel was well I often supposed it ill, but I bless god that it was neither moist nor open, it seems to be a little loosed, the lord in mercy has healed me, oh keep me that I sin not, least a worse thing happen to me; Dr Glissons opinion was that some repelling, strengthening knitting plaster were very good for the same, and it stands with reason, he approved what was used, oh I will praise the lord for he has dealt bountifully with me, the lord was merciful to me in the work and duty of the day, about rest in our trouble, the lord made it a suitable word, oh lord teach me to live in thee to be such a god to me oh let me never give thee over until you bless me herein,