Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

15.4.1649 (Sunday 15 April 1649)

document 70004030

April: 15. This week the Lord was good and merciful to me and mine in all outward mercies, when as there is a great scarcity of all things, beef ordinarily 4d. per lib: butter 7 or 8d. cheese 5d. wheat 7s.6d. rye 6s.8d. yet we wanted nothing needful or fitting for us(.) I was somewhat troubled with a rheum, it fared as if my teeth were a little on edge my navel continued well, thus when one trouble is over another succeeds, wherein I observe gods goodness not to try with all at once, and indeed I ought not so much to desire remove this or that and think then all will be well, as submit to all gods purposes and endeavour to gain spiritually by all his providence, partly through business and partly idleness I omitted all my studies this week: the lord was good to me in the Sabbath, in giving me strength for it; and making his word a refreshing unto me