Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

20.6.1649 (Wednesday 20 June 1649)

document 70004150

June. 20: This week the lord was good and merciful to me in our peace, plenty health, my wife through mercy went abroad to both sermons for which mercy the lord be graciously praised of me for evermore, god was good to us in the season, through mercy we had hopes of an indifferent crop, beyond our expectation: my navel continued well all this week god gave me comfort in hearing from, and seeing some of our friends, concerning some I heard that which afflicts me, lord help them, and make me in their afflictions to read my mercies, the lord was merciful to me in keeping me from those snares in which I have been taken, oh how my heart does hanker after folly, oh Lord sanctify me, the lord was merciful in making me instrumental to compose divers differences and prevent suites this week; oh heal me of that corruption is in my vain heart. [Pose] I had a great pose and sneezing this day and divers touches of a cold almost perpetually, and apt to wheeze at night, yet I do not as yet. I spent some time in book of meditations and reconciler to Deut: 23: as also in my Hebrew and other studies, the lord was good to me in the duty of the Sabbath in strength for the work, in the word delivered, he in mercy sanctify me and accept me for his most holy names sake,