Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

18.6.1649, 19.6.1649, 20.6.1649, 21.6.1649 (Monday 18 June 1649)

document 70004165

18: rode with Mr Harlakenden to Stortford, I there saw my old habitation, Master, was much affected with the thoughts of my dear mother and 2 sisters who were there buried. the day was wondrous hot, and clear, but in our journey it was cloudy and much cooler than we could have expected. 19. we and Mr.H: son rode to Cambridge where I viewed with delight my old college, the Master and fellows, very good men hope of their good: 20: Mr R.H. admitted fellow commoner of Jesus, we returned to Stortford, and 21. to Colne: god was good to me in this journey, I had not ridden for above a year 10 miles outright: I was not very weary, a little sore not at all galled, my navel was moist and open, but not raw nor very sore, good lord in your mercy and goodness heal me, I humbly entreat thee, oh my god, that I may praise thy name, and declare thy goodness continually, I returned and found all my family in health, oh that I could praise thee according to thy goodness towards me,