Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

12.8.1649 (Sunday 12 August 1649)

document 70004305

Aug: 12: this week the lord was good and merciful to me, and all mine in our health, peace plenty, in all our outward mercies and accommodation, of the least whereof we are altogether unworthy, my navel continued whole, my cold finally gone, only a little troubled with rheum in the morning, the lord was good to me this week in keeping me from those temptations which had formerly got above me, oh when shall thy grace rule me, in all things, the lord in mercy keep me in his fear continually, I did little in my studies this week but for my sermons, the lord was good and merciful to me; in the work of the day in enabling me thereto, the lord in mercy accept of me, and heal me for his own names sake, and continue to delight in me, and do me good