Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

19.8.1649 (Sunday 19 August 1649)

document 70004325

Aug: 19. The lord was good and merciful to me and mine this week in our peace and plenty, oh what are we, that we want not in these times of scarcity; the lord good in my health, my navel continued still well to my god be the praise oh my good god heal me for thy names sake, the lord made this to us a good week in the answer of prayer a week of harvest(.) corn abated in price a little, 2. in seasonable, fresh dews, which comfortably cheered the earth: 3. in the glorious success in Ireland: the next day after the public fast, August.2. the first rumour I heard of it was August.14. in the morning: god was good and merciful to me in my public work this day, but in private my heart was sadly eaten out with vain and earthly meditations, oh lord forgive them to me, and heal me, I was saluted when I came home with a letter from Ipswich concerning the death of my very good friend Mrs Cosins who died this morning at Ipswich.