Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

2.9.1649 (Sunday 2 September 1649)

document 70004375

September. 2. This week past the Lord my god was good and merciful to me, and mine in our peace, health, in providing for us, the lord did this week most mercifully and comfortably refresh the earth with dews to a satisfying of the same, which gives us hopes of a second spring, and summer. my navel through mercy continued very well, only I had some fears of it, but no cause as I could perceive, god exercised me with a stopping in my chest which made me wheeze in the nights, when the lord sees best he can ease me of my distemper for the present I desire to see it best for me that it should be thus with me, I was this week sensible of much vanity of my mind in fancying these outward things, freer yet through mercy from some former temptations, oh that I could cleave to the lord with a full purpose of heart, that I might not be forsaken, I was this day at Halsted preached twice and expounded Hosea 14 the lord in mercy bless the labours, thereof to my people, the lord in much mercy accept me, my poor flock were left destitute this day.