Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.9.1649 (Sunday 23 September 1649)

document 70004415

September: 23: This week god was undeservedly gracious to me in many outward mercies, only my cold continued, it was very violent, but not so sad as I have formerly had: it is of his mercy that I am not destroyed, all mine in safety, this week our neighbour Mr Nicholson was robbed of about 200li. in money and plate, the thieves in all probability lay in our town, the night before, I imagined they were such manner of men: I had sad experience of the inconstancy of heart, and my heedlessness in the way wherein I should walk, this week, oh that my failings might be my warnings, and stir up, indignation and watching, and purging myself, the lord was good to us in sweet dews, dirt is now our dainty that last year was our dislike, thus god changes seasons. god was good to me in the work and duty of the Sabbath, the good lord in mercy pardon my sins, accept my soul and delight in me to do me good:

at night I was very ill. full of soreness about my bones: I was very sick, and burnt violently, then I vomited, and fell into a sweat, which through mercy did me good, I am much clogged with phlegm,