Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

3.10.1649 (Wednesday 3 October 1649)

document 70004430

[Magd: Cent: 1:lib: 1: Colum: 372. Sennerti: Inst: vol: 1: p: 917:] October: 3: at night begun to study a little before supper, I began with the first part of the Ecclesiastical history of the Magdeburgensis which is in folio divided into 2 columns on every page, and contains: column: 372

I began about the beginning of this month to read Sennertus institutions in a large 8o. small print. it contains this part. 3 books and 917. pages this I did in the day time,

This day I finished Josephus of the antiquities of the Jews whereof I read a great part, especially where the history of the scripture is silent and I intend to read the residue of his book.