Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

7.10.1649 (Sunday 7 October 1649)

document 70004440

Octob: 7. This week the lord was good and merciful to me and mine in our peace, plenty health, having no want of any outward good thing, yet were all things very dear, wheat 8s.6d. rye: 6s. barley. 5s. a bushel, cheese 4d.ob. butter 7d.ob the pound, the good lord in mercy think on us, and send us help at need as I trust he will, and provide for me and mine because I trust in him and in his goodness according as I have found him my refuge: god was good to me in keeping me in my paths from divers follies and vanities after which my heart hunted, and wherewith I had been entangled: I found myself backward to my studies, oh the time that I lose, whereas I should redeem the same, I had experience of gods good to me in the Sabbath, in the duty, and exercise thereof, the lord in mercy make me an instrument of good to my people. wherein his name may receive glory.