Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

28.10.1649 (Sunday 28 October 1649)

document 70004495

[Navel.] Octob: 28: The lord was good and gracious to me and mine this week in all our outward mercies my navel well with one dressing, and so continued from 25. to this day, notwithstanding I stirred myself day 26. 27. very much about my wood: I had some experience of the deceit and weakness of my heart, apt to turn aside from following the lord, and heedlessly, and foolishly do that which my soul loathes, lord my salvation is a work made up with rich mercy and glorious power:- the season was dry and indifferent warm, only somewhat cloudy. the country full of reports of Cromwells rout in Ireland, but its hoped there is no truth therein, this day I and my dear wife have been married nine years, the lord make our years to come many, and our comforts to one another and our posterity many, if it be his pleasure, and let us live to serve that god who has abounded in much goodness towards us. the lord was good to me in the work of the day, in letting out my soul in the doctrine of faith, give me the savour and the practice of it: many of poor Halsted were here this day, who were destitute of help at home,