Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

9.1.1650 (Wednesday 9 January 1650)

document 70004585

9: Rode to Colchester, preached the lecture, kindly entertained by Mr Mayor, I saw Mrs Cooke whom god has strangely afflicted with an excrescence of flesh in her belly, which has now increased for about 9 years, to an exceeding greatness, yet when I look on the greatest afflictions they seem as nothing to the smallest sins, oh how sad is my condition when my heart is dogged with many, and indeed when corruption is entered the heart it is insatiable, pride, lust, vanity, earthliness, oh lord thy weapons only can help to pull down satans strong holds and defeat his wiles, oh furnish me with thy complete armour I entreat thee, god was good to me in my return home, Mr Harlakenden troubled at the greatness of his sons expenses at Cambridge, I wrote to Mr Richard , to be frugal of his fathers purse, and to improve his time for learning and piety, god bless my advice to him