Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.1.1650, 13.1.1650 (Friday 4 January 1650)

document 70004595

Jan: 13. This week the Lord was good to us in his bounty and provision for us, my dear wife often very weakly, but the lord in mercy holds her up to our comfort, our little Ralph merry. Marys eyes are very ill; [Navel.] my navel was a little open but die. 12 my wife found it at night, close, white, and well, it feared some days before as if it would have been ill, your chastisements oh Lord are fatherly, and very gentle towards me, oh that I might cleave close to you lord, and walk in all uprightness before the Lord, then should the Lord be health to my navel, lord I have no strength of myself be thou the same to me, the Lord visited me with a little pose 2 days this week, but I was no further troubled with it, I was never freer from colds, I kept me warm in nights, but never went thinner in days than I have done this winter, my dreams gave me matter of loathing this week, my heart is foul, and it vents even then, the lord was good to me in the work of the Sabbath, in preaching and expounding the word, gathered somewhat to encourage a grecian in printing the Confessions of the Churches in their tongue, I desire to make my estate serviceable to the Lord Jesus Christ, this day as also the former, were exceeding rainy, but neither tempestuous, nor cold; Jan: 4: 1650: there was much mischief done at London by blowing up divers barrels of powder, which blew up divers houses, and persons it was thought near an 100d., the flux is much in London, and in some parts of this kingdom, it has cut down, many of the army in Ireland.