Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

16.1.1650 (Wednesday 16 January 1650)

document 70004605

16: This day I was sensible of a great cold I had taken, I went out to my boys, I was low in moneys and one bowles paid me 10s. of his own accord, the which I look upon as a good providence towards me, in the night at my lying down I was followed with a wonderful fall of rheum out of my head into my throat as I never had to my knowledge before, I slept very well a great part of the night, a candle was set by, which fell, but one of the children was awake and spied it, it only singed the carpet, it might have done much hurt, many times a house fired by such means, oh that I could bless the Lord for all his goodness towards me.