Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

25.1.1650, 2.2.1650 (Friday 25 January 1650)

document 70004625

Jan: 25: 1649: an: aetatis 34:

Jan: 25: I was sensible it entered me into a new year, and eyed god in particular for his presence with me, to keep me close to him, and to bless me, and I hope in his mercy he will, I had intimations of heart that god would have a respect to me, and provide for me, this day Mr Clopton told me that 30li. was paid in from the Trustees to my use, an evidence of gods answering my desire, and performing his mercy hinted: [Weather] this was a marvellous sweet warm season, continued warm divers days Feb: 2. was also a marvellous warm hot sun shine, grass grew these days: