Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

5.2.1650 (Tuesday 5 February 1650)

document 70004650

5: dined this day at Mr Littells with divers of our good friends, he gave me a young vine which I set at the jamb of the chimney by the pantry, if god see good I may eat of the fruit of my planting therein, through the strength of gods goodness to me I observe my heart eyeing god in all my mercies, and owning them as the gifts of god, and eyeing god in services for strength, acceptance: oh let me live more out of myself, in, and to my god, and Jesus every day; oh my god I entreat thee, this night my Ralph was very sick as if he would have died, he vomited, and something stirred in the bottom of his stomach, which he endeavoured to bring up but could not.