Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

10.3.1650 (Sunday 10 March 1650)

document 70004740

M. 10 This week the lord good and merciful in many things to me and mine, my son is somewhat better than formerly, he breaks out in very many angry pimples and the rheum continues, the lord show me, if there be any particular sin in me why he afflicts and heal me of it, and pardon it to me and mine, my maid was very ill this day, my dear wife is toiled above measure the lord support her, I desire every day more and more to see all my strength in god, and in all good things proceeding from him, and that I may live more in him and to him, and less to myself and not at all to my corruptions: the lord was good to me in the duty of the Sabbath, my heart somewhat off, when out of the ordinance, many of Halsted came down to us, as not agreeing with the minister that should preach, god make our habitation peace, and bless me in it for his names sake, and supply my wants as I trust he will