Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.3.1650 (Sunday 24 March 1650)

document 70004765

March: 24. This week god was good, and merciful to me, and mine in our healths, only my little boy very ill, whereupon we resolved die 22. to wean him, Mary was very well, god gives me great hopes in their educations, the lord good in keeping me from many vanities of heart, and subduing temptations, good in my hea(l)th my navel a little moist, but not red, dry again at night, my issue nothing for divers week, neither has it been much a long time. the lord was good to me in the word, and duties of the day, the lord in mercy accept me. Mr Wm Haukesbe preached in the morning for me, divers disliked it much, god was and is good to me in giving me the hearts of most people,