Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

21.4.1650 (Sunday 21 April 1650)

document 70004835

April: 21: This week the Lord was good to us in our health, peace and plenty. my little boy continues ill, and sore, and forward, my pose has continued now seven days little or much, especially in mornings, with much sneezings, whereby I hope my head will be thoroughly purged, god sees what is best for me, my navel was moist, it was full of lint which stuck therein, very red it had not been so bad 10 months before, it was washed and cleansed as usually the lord for his mercy sake, give a blessing thereunto, the Lord was good to me in keeping my heart in some measure upright with him, divers of those lusts and temptations which formerly annoyed me, are silent, yet I have my burden still, for now my mind is ready to muse too much on those employments and their maintenance in which I am engaged, and though my heart endeavours to eye god, and admire his providence from whence all the good in my condition flows, yet is my heart ready to be sometimes too much taken up with the musings on these things, and new for present in forecasts and in endeavours to be out of debt. it is very hard to be at rest to outward things when we have never so many of them, god was good to me this day in (the) my labour on his day, and in the word, but my heart is very unsuitable to the sanctifying of the Sabbath betwixt god and my own soul, lord pardon me, and heal me of this evil I entreat thee, and let my labours be blessed by my god to many of mi(ne) and thy people I humbly entreat thee, and let it convert and bring home some to thee.