Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.5.1650 (Sunday 19 May 1650)

document 70004905

May. 19. This week the lord was good to me in my particular health, and some children but my dear Mary , wonderfully ill, and so is little Ralph , the lord in mercy sanctify his hand, and dealing with me, and show me, why he contends with me(.) this day also my little Jane was taken ill, the good lord in mercy does me good by these rebukes. I freely submit to thee, oh god, and kiss the rod, there is mercy in thy dealing, and of mercy it is, that I and mine are not consumed the lord in his time heal all this, my heart is quiet in my god, the lord does not find amazement, and fear along with his corrections, but supports me in hope that he will shine upon my tabernacle, the lord was good to me in abating the swelling of my gums: [navel] my navel issued twice this week, I thought I felt the rheum in it, a day or two before, my sister An came to me, and continued with me this day, gods providence is good towards her though her discouragements are very many, the Lord was good to me in the Sabbath, my heart still hangs downwards on the creatures, and occasions, oh that I were raised up above them, spiritualised, and fitted for communion with my god.