Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

14.7.1650 (Sunday 14 July 1650)

document 70005055

July. 14 This week the Lord was good to me and mine in our lives: health, peace plenty my dear wife was very ill, and would be let blood, and was so, but is(,) god be blessed finally well. god was good to me in the duties of the Sabbath, in his word, which was sweet and comfortable to me, god good in restraining my corruptions, the lord chain up Satan, and also put him under my feet(.) many times I find the memory of my dear babes bitter as death, and no rest till my meditations rest on god, who is my present peace, oh how happy are they, that have a god in their difficulties to go to, I will rejoice under the shadow of thy wings; the lord be gracious to me and all mine in all mercies he sees needful and give me a heart to delight in him.