Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

21.7.1650 (Sunday 21 July 1650)

document 70005070

July: 21: This week the lord was good to me, and mine in our peace, plenty, health in all outward mercies, preventing the infections of the smallpox that it does not spread in our town(.) corn at a great rate. 11s. and 11s.6d. a bushel at Colchester, the crop very good on the ground but the season often dangerous, the good lord gives us hopes of a fine season by this and divers days formerly(.) The Lord good to me in letting me see the evil of some former temptations, his goodness in preserving me from them, and in carrying my poor soul more and more forth towards him; I have some experience of sorrows, and trials in the world, and they make me the more to prize my god knowing nothing in sweet or good without him, the lord was to me in his word, and in the duty of the day, but my heart was full of wanderings, lord pardon me, heal my backslidings, I humbly entreat thee.