Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.8.1650 (Friday 23 August 1650)

document 70005150

23. face swelled more than formerly, but I think not so painful, my wife she thinks she breeds: I gargled. I leave myself in all conditions to be at the lords disposing, who knows what is best for me, heard of the death of Mary Peacock my fathers second wives daughter by a former husband, she died in childbed not delivered; the good lord be praised in all his mercies towards me, the lord pity, and help us under any part of his rod, and make it a staff to us.

Resolved henceforward whatsoever money comes in on gifts, or courtesies, all incomes, and receipts on the school besides the rents, and whatsoever is saved by preaching at any places, shall be laid out in books: