Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1.9.1650 (Sunday 1 September 1650)

document 70005180

September: 1: This week past god was good to me and mine, in our peace, plenty, health my face abated, the pain left me, and my face well. [Cold:] only I was troubled with a cold: stuffing in my head, it tickles in my throat, and makes me to cough and wheeze on nights, thy hand is light, I have need of corrections oh my god. sanctify them to me, and do me good by them, my Jane was very ill last night the lord I trust will preserve her. god gave us great hopes of plenty. my mind not so perplexed with foolish, sinful imaginations as formerly, the lord good therein, the lord make me walk closely, and uprightly before him, the Lord was good to me in the duty of the day, and in strength for it, my voice failed me, when I had almost done, the Lord watch over me for good, upon whom I rule and stay myself.