Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

29.9.1650 (Sunday 29 September 1650)

document 70005230

Sep: 29. This week the Lord was good to us all in outward mercies, the latter part of the week very comfortable and fair, which abated the price of corn which was increasing. Jane very ill one night but comfort returned in the morning(.) my dear wife complains of a weakness in her knees the good lord heal her of it for his precious names sake, my stuffing continues so as I wheeze I do not find my breath short, the lord in his due time will help there, my navel and issue through mercy no trouble nor perplexity to me of many days, the good lord command mercy for me therein I entreat him, my heart full of its old pranks lord take them into your hand and subdue them utterly I entreat thee and do me good, the lord good to me in the Sabbath good hopes of Mr Ri: Harlakenden at Cambridge the lord spare him for his goodness sake.