Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

6.10.1650 (Sunday 6 October 1650)

document 70005240

Oct: 6: This week the Lord was good and merciful to me, and to all mine, in all outward mercies, my cold continues which occasions me to wheeze and to cough now, and then a little, god will command mercy for me therein, in his due time; This week through mercy I was not so annoyed with vanity in my mind, it is a mercy when sin is diverted and prevented by employment. but when it is mortified that is as life from death, let not my heart be only purged, but healed I entreat thee, the lord gave us divers good days for seed time, corn fell we are beholden to god, and not to one another for what we have, we are apt to make a prey of one another, the lord was good to me in the work of the day, in the seasonableness of the word; the lord in mercy, make it to prosper on my heart.