Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

13.10.1650 (Sunday 13 October 1650)

document 70005300

13. at night, my thoughts having been much on the kingdom of christ that shall be set up in the world, and desirous of god my eyes might see his salvation, I dreamed that we of our nation were instrumentally employed about that work in France, and that the court thereof was pure, I was making joined work to use there and that I should receive a letter from the grandees of the army in Scotland the latter part thus as for that academical opinion what we shall do in that we know not. Erit aliquando nu(ov)o nunc est viz a kingdom of christ in the world - implying that work is begun already in England.

when I was awake and musing on it, and of my thoughts: my thoughts were filled with the expressions to Simeon, wherein my heart rejoiced; Lord I desire to help on this work, for thy glory, my saviours glory. oh hasten it the power to effect it that must come from you,

our actings in France in my apprehension were not above 2 or 3 years hence in a short time,