Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.11.1650 (Sunday 17 November 1650)

document 70005310

Nov: 17. This week the Lord was good to me and mine in our health and in providing for us, when others are in great wants, and the smallpox in two families yet my god has kept me and mine for which I praise his most holy name the lord good in keeping me freer than formerly from divers annoying lusts, oh that they might rot, and rise no more, my thoughts much that god was beginning to ruin the kingdom of the earth, and bringing christs kingdom in, and we English should be very instrumental therein; god takes away our enemies abroad viz the Prince of Orange, which is a great work as things stood there and here, [Navel] my navel was moist and so had continued about 2 days: the lord was good to me and to mine in the Sabbath, and in the exercises thereof he accept me in mercy, and do me good for his names sake.