Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.11.1650 (Sunday 24 November 1650)

document 70005320

No. 24. This week the Lord was good to me and mine in our peace, plenty, health, a great mercy considering the times and sicknesses of others, only my dear wife droops in her apprehension and I sometimes fear it, which shall make me more tender over her, oh that we could fear sin, as we do outward troubles, the lord was good to us in outward mercies, and inward, peace of conscience, a freedom from many vain imaginations, lord bring my heart in tune for thee, the season continued open, and wet, yet indifferent winter weather, heard of the health of Major Haynes , Mr Owen , Mr Harlakenden ill, lord restore his health to him, and to his family for Christ Jesus his sake, god was good to me in the work of the Sabbath, and in the word, the Lord in mercy accept me and do me good: my dear wife complains much of her head; she is now certain she breeds not, Lord let her health and days be precious in thy sight.