Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.1.1652 (Friday 23 January 1652)

document 70006305

23. I was quite out of monies, and went where some was owing me, received it not, I knew god would provide for me against my needs, and therefore I desire not to care with these things, when I came home I found a tenant there with rent, and presently two more paid me some money so as I paid my sister . 40s. I now have paid her all, and I paid goodwife Mathew 3li. I have also paid her all, and my wife had about 40s. for her stock. I procured 10li. for goodman Sparrow , my roll of debts is now brought down to 8li. bless be my god, and I owe not 40s. more in all the world. In the thoughts of my head this night one said to me that the Q(ueen) of E(ngland). now in France by ways of hers should strengthen her son to be a rod to the reigning party in England I replied not to restore him nor ruin them, and that this decade of years would accomplish promises and threats