Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

27.1.1652 (Tuesday 27 January 1652)

document 70006315

27. met at my house, we gave a sharp reproof to some of our company in their weak carriages. I was with Thomasin , poor troubled heart, help her oh Lord, heard that Jo. Lilburne when he received his sentence Jan. 20. 1651 and refused to kneel whereupon they ordered him to be banished within 20. days which end I apprehend(.)Feb: 8: he said I shall outlive this sentence of yours, as I have all the rest of them,

at the 5th vial the beasts kingdom is darkened, which I apprehend shows their blindness and ignorance of gods designs not to be warned by the former plagues, but to beat an alarm to gather all together against the day of god wherein there is a reference to darkness the plague of Egypt.

bought 12 bushels white oats at 22s.6d. only 1/2 bushel brank given in.