Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.5.1652 (Sunday 23 May 1652)

document 70006555

May. 23. This week past the Lord was very gracious and merciful to me and mine in all outward enjoyments he is worthy to inherit praises from me, my heart felt some of its old encumbrances, but I trust as dying things that may trouble, but shall not hurt, I desire in the sense of my sinfulness to make out after the Lord Jesus christ with more earnestness than ever, you have been a god taking care of me, I pray do it for thy name sake, the season is very hot and dry, Lord send rain in thy own due season we entreat thee. the Lord was good to me in the work of the day and in the word of peace preached, which I entreat the lord thoroughly to affect my heart with and give me more and more the experience of.