Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

30.5.1652 (Sunday 30 May 1652)

document 70006570

May: 30: This week past, god was good to me and mine in all our outward enjoyments, he is most worthy of admiration and praise, the lord refreshed the earth with daily showers which caused the withered creature to revive, but when shall my heart be refreshed to serve my god, deadness, and sloath, and unspiritualness, I find and feel, but why does it abide, is there no balm, yes, yes, enough in Jesus. but my deadened heart does not make out unto him, does not live on him, then I should find him my strength I trust he will frame my heart for it more than formerly; god was good to me in the Sabbath for which I bless his most holy name,