Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

27.6.1652 (Sunday 27 June 1652)

document 70006635

June: 27. This week past the lord was good to us in many outward mercies, my little Jane very ill, insomuch that we even feared death, but for present she is much revived for which I bless my god: we apprehended it was the spleen, we applied an ointment to it, and a plaster of half an ounce of ointment of melilot for the spleen, and also 3 spoonfuls of juice of red fennel clarified with 6 spoonfuls of beer and sweetened, the lord restore her to her health, the season very dry and hot, great rains in many places, we had great showers, but little rain, the lord will own in with his blessing herein, it is surely at hand(.) I preached in order to catechising of the youth, the lord assist me therein, and learn my people instruction thereby. great reports of hurt to the dutch, but nothing of action this week, the lord makes me sensible of my deadness, but I find not strength, and indeed not stirring up myself against it, the lord help and recover me this very time before I went out my study it began to rain, and ceased and cleared though the heavens promised nothing, I thought of Abraham's not eyeing the deadness of Sarah's womb, and indeed before I had supped it rained a marvellous sweet shower blessed by god, and more also is coming. and so it did in the night, and very moderately.