Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

18.7.1652 (Sunday 18 July 1652)

document 70006680

July. 18: The lord very good to us all in our outward mercies, wherein he has abounded towards me, very much in our healths and recovery from under craziness and illness. and my wife , for which I bless and praise his most holy and precious name, through the goodness of god I find somewhat more enlargement on my spirit, and sense of god and my own condition, the outward affairs of this life I find a wonderful cumber, and burden to me, and inward sinful annoyance, but when will you ease me of my groaning, the lord was good to me in the work and duty of this day, the gracious god in much mercy accept me and do me good, the children answer well, the lord give them a gracious seasoning.