Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

12.9.1652 (Sunday 12 September 1652)

document 70006740

Sept: 12: The Lord was good to me and all mine in our health, and outward enjoyments, in the society of our christian friends, Mr Meredith , and his company being with us, the lord was good in discovering the emptiness and the corruption of my spirit unto me, the lord in mercy enliven me against the exercise of corruption every day more and more, the lord was good to me in the Sabbath, and the work of it for which I bless his name, I dreamed formerly of our being in France with our armies and the time by November next or the year following in 53. now Sept. 4. 1652. our fleet did the spaniards a great courtesy in destroying the French fleet that attempted to relieve Dunkirk and for my part I apprehend we shall war with France.