Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

19.9.1652 (Sunday 19 September 1652)

document 70006755

Sept. 19. This week the lord good to me and mine in all outward mercies, the season dry and cold as if it would be an early winter, and then very hard for cattle, great fear as if we should no way employ our poor by reason of decay of trade through our breach with Holland, but surely in all conditions the lord is ably sufficiently to provide(.) our town stood to health, I was with one Polly who much complains of himself lord make him sensible of sin more than of wrath, and make me oh to keep close to thee in every condition, and be thou my hiding place I humbly entreat thee, the lord good to me in the work of the Sabbath, the lord accept me and make me a blessing unto him.