Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

28.11.1652 (Sunday 28 November 1652)

document 70006910

Nov: 28: This week past the lord was good to me and mine in many outward mercies, the lord humble my heart in the sense of my unworthiness of them. the lord in mercy give me that strength of spirit to bear whatsoever I meet with from any calmly. and not to expect any other from the creature but vanity and vexation, and when I carefully wait for good, and behold evil not to be troubled, only lord heal my heart, and ruin if you please, the lord show them their failings if it be his gracious pleasure, and lord was good and gracious to me in the work and duty of the Sabbath for which I bless his holy name,

This night I dreamed as formerly that the witnesses were slain in my sight, with grief to me, I preserved, I thought it was in England at London Criplegate Mr Sp. there and that he knew I was one of that party