Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

6.12.1652 (Wednesday 6 December 1652)

document 70006925

6. rode up to London, our journey comfortable, when at Mr Merediths , I was very ill, even overcome with wind they were very kind to me: 7. I privately in Austins church London married Mr R.H. and Mrs. M(ary): M(eredith) - 9: I came out of London old Mr R.H. paid for my horse and gave me gloves and my wife , and 2li. towards my journey, his son promised to send me down the Synods annotations etc. but the brides friends as yet showed me no respect. I dined at Colne die. 10: found all well blessed be god it neither was wet, nor windy. but calm freezing weather. a good journey at such a time of the year. I also perfected my business with Mr Stanbridge .