Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

22.1.1654 (Sunday 22 January 1654)

document 70007735

Jan: 22: A dull week for news, yet not without its remarks, as may be seen therein, especially relating unto the army: night rainy, my family through mercy in good health, only my dear wife , weakly and fainting in her condition, the lord in mercy strengthen her: my heart is free from old annoyances in a great measure, but very inactive and sluggish in my converse and walking with god. this year the lord was many ways good unto me. and mine, continuing us in our health and preserving us in these backsliding days, and I know he that has kept me will also continue to do it, this year brought forth notable revolutions at home, in dissolving parliaments and declaring Cromwell protector who is to rule by a council, its said after divers bloody fights now we have made peace with the Dutch, the French have had a good year of it, as the Sp: last. took much from Conde. reduced Bourdeaux. quietened the protestants, maintained themselves in Italy, and did some feats in Catalonia. Brest their port was like another Dunkirk against us, and I conceive we shall remember it in due time: the German diet still continues they have crowned Ferdinand the 4th King of Romans, the Cossacks and Polish are in arms, the Turk also against the Venetian, things are somewhat calmer than formerly, and discourses are of a general peace: Lord my soul waits for thy salvation. hasten thy coming we entreat thee.