Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

30.4.1654 (Sunday 30 April 1654)

document 70007890

Ap: 30: The lord was good to me in many outward mercies, of the least whereof I and mine altogether unworthy. the lord is pleased to let me see my unspiritualness, and its my grief, but it is not healed, and god is not communicative, nor free with me, as sometimes, oh no bosom to yours, you are my lot, and portion, oh let me never be forsaken by thee, god good to me in the word, I apprehended a trouble on me from my Tenant at Ardleigh, but this day god prevented it, I looked on god to do it for me, and to give me a good issue therein, and I trust he will that I may praise his most holy name.