Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

10.5.1655 (Thursday 10 May 1655)

document 70008590

10. the night before I felt something in my tooth place jagged: my wife looked; and found something in it, as a bladder, this morning early in bed, I pulled out a piece of my bone by the place where my tooth stood; it drew outwardly of itself, and fell off from the other part of my upper jaw of itself, it was firm, but I conceive begun to rot, it was putrefied round about, it must needs have been dangerous if god had not directed me to draw my tooth but no such matter was feared as this, the lord make me thankful and mindful to honour him in my calling, and quicken my heart thereunto I pray thee, I have no help herein, but from thy self oh my god,

this day, the Justice , and I married Peg. Nevil to Butcher , the first I intermeddled with since the late act, the report is of great officers made at London, oh that goodness might be in me